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I really liked Mistborn, haven't read Elantris - Edit 1

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I really, really liked Elantris.....keeping in mind it was BS's first published novel and a single book (which does limit an author's ability to have grand scope). I actually read Mistborn prior to Elantris and it was very interesting to see "where" Vin et al came/grew from.

It was his first published novel, but I'm pretty sure he actually wrote Mistborn before he wrote Elantris.

Yes, the twists and unexpected events are very well done. And let's all be honest, unexpected events that make sense are extremely difficult to pull-off. BS staked the entire Mistborn trilogy on a surprise (or at least unexpected) ending and it worked wonderfully. He is a very talented author.

Yes. Between reading Mistborn, and listening to his interview on the 4th Age podcast, I think WoT is in good hands.

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