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Servant of a Dark God by John Brown - Edit 3

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Servant of a Dark God by John Brown

Servant of a Dark God is John Brown's debut novel. At the end of the novel, I felt very similar to when I read Sanderson's first Mistborn novel. I think this series could go somewhere awesome- but it's going to depend on Brown.

First thing first, I got into it pretty easily. As a moody reader, my interest has to be grabbed pretty much right away. And I had a hard time putting it down at the end, so thumbs up to Mr. Brown for that. There are also some creative and unique elements to the story.

The system of magic took me awhile to grasp, as well as the political situation. I think that's my biggest issue with the story. Even after reading, I'm not entirely sure I understand everything, though most things have been cleared up. The main character could have been more compelling. I understand what the author was trying to do, but Talen still came off a little flat. His transformation was maybe a bit too sudden after so long resisting it. But the "villain" of the story is definitely one of the better ones out there. Hunger is like an alien consciousness gaining human consciousness. It adds something to his character that is touching, even if it is a little contrived. I am excited to see whether or not Brown can do more with the villains, add a little subtlety to their characters.

Recommended to anyone who likes epic fantasy. The uniqueness of Brown's ideas will hold you- it's not the quest-based usual. A little more polish and he could make it an extremely compelling story. Four stars.

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