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*spoilers* @my Send a noteboard - 04/03/2010 04:21:03 PM
Don't get me wrong, as I love the series, but it is what it is.

- The rape and subsequent issues with Sioned and Rohan
- The death of two different twins
- Tobin's palsy
- The ridiculously bittersweet death of Rohan, Andry's death and the whole idea that he could have been the best leader if things had happened differently for him
- Meiglan's death and the whole issue of love lost with Pol and Sionell

It's like the series is a commentary on three things:

- We get old and die and it sucks
- Bad things happen and there's nothing to be done about it
- No one is a good person, everyone has faults that mar them to the point that they should be disliked

The only two MAJOR "super sad" thing that happen are the death of Rohan, and the death of Sioned at the end of the series, when you learn (IMO) that the entire series was really about her from the beginning. The love lost between Pol and Sionell, and the continual reference to the death of Camigwen during the plague are depressing themes that recur. The other things you listed, while certainly emotionally charged and moving aren't just straight up depressing in comparison.

IMO these events themes are there to provide a backdrop for the main theme of the series: It's an exploration of leadership and humanity. What qualities make the "best" leader, when certain types of leaders are needed, the fact that there is no one "best type" of leader because it depends on need, exploration of the human experience though love, joy, loss, and struggle. Those are supporting themes.

I have not read this series in YEARS, as I have such strong emotion attached to them, and I want to say again that I did read them and I did enjoy them. But the thing that really stands out for me is all the death. The death of Rohan, though sad, was almost minor compared to all the other death (what with the plague and all). And Sioned's grief was just overwhelming to me.

Again, it was incredibly well written, and I read them at a really unhappy part of my life (which I'm sure didn't help), but yeah. I have a "dread" feeling attached to this series, like no other series I've read.
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