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Here is my question - (spoilers obviously.. and why it's a seperate thread) @my Send a noteboard - 12/03/2010 03:24:24 AM
In it, Sookie keeps referring to her cousin the vampire who was murdered, and how the Queen of Louisiana killed the murderer in front of Sookie to avenge her cousin's murder - and it's written like it was in a previous book. But here's the thing. I've read all the books (so far), and all in the last several weeks, and I have absolutely no recollection of his taking place.

Her relationship with Quinn is right where it should be, given she just met him - so I'm pretty sure I didn't skip a book, (not to mention the titles list is in order)..

So my question is: Did this event happen in a previous book, and I somehow read over it? Did I miss it?

Another confusing thing is her conversation with the landlady (of her cousin's apartment)and the conversation they had when they first met - up to and including how the witch read Sookie's cards.. but didn't.. and didn't clean them up, and how she left all "shaken".. I don't get what shook her up.

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Here is my question - (spoilers obviously.. and why it's a seperate thread) - 12/03/2010 03:24:24 AM 558 Views
It was in a short story. - 12/03/2010 11:43:05 AM 375 Views
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