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Dany. While her plotline ended up being really good in her last few chapters, what the hell is going on with it? Am I to understand it's still had nothing to do with anything by the end of the fourth book?

Dany's story gradually intersects with the 'main' story in Westeros over the course of the books. Other characters from Westeros bump into her, news of her exploits spreads and there's a gradual merging of storylines and characters.

Don't expect anything too major in the four books out now, though. The forthcoming fifth book is really 'Dany's story' in a major way.

Did I misread it or did Arya go out on a live-or-die cliffhanger with about 100 pages to go? I know she's not dead but if that's right then that's a really weird way of ending her storyarc in this book

A GAME OF THRONES and the first third of so A CLASH OF KINGS were originally written as one book, and when they were split in two GRRM had to go back and round off the character arcs more satisfyingly. The cliffhanger was the only thing he could do for Arya. Agreed it didn't work altogether well.
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