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Role Playing Message Board needs a Mafia Topic

Reported by: Blaine

Type: Addition / Suggestion

Status: Complete

Created: 28/09/2009 02:35:15 AM

Over half the Threads in the "Role Playing Message Board" are Mafia games already. They also have the most views and repies so they shouldn't be filed away under the role playing topic anymore. They are disticnt and unique enough to warrant their own Topic. The most logical thing to do is give Mafia games a topic of their own. As it is their are only three toopics: Role playing, OOC, and RAFO stuff. They need their own topic i think. That my two cents
You should probably bring this up with the RPG admin (Fanatic-Templar)
NB him about this, and ask him if he can ask Ben about it.

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