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Carriage return ignored when closing HTML tag and opening HTML tag are next to each other.

Reported by: mapthis

Type: Bug

Status: Duplicate

Created: 02/10/2009 09:38:06 PM

If you end one line with an HTML tag and then hit return twice so there is one blank line between it and the next line AND that next line begins with an HTML tag, the carriage return separating the two lines is ignored. If there is some other character that comes after the ending HTML tag (like a period) this behavior does not occur.

Example (you might need to look at the reply box to see fully):

Line 1
Line 2.

Line 3

The blank line between Line 1 and Line 2 is ignored. The blank line between Line 2 and Line 3 is honored.
Ha. Or not.
Well, this behavior showed up on all messageboards and the noteboard, but not here. Weird.

It's been ticketed a couple of times now. *NM*

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