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Anyway to block or hide individual quotes?

Reported by: Gher

Type: Addition / Suggestion

Status: On hold

Created: 24/10/2009 12:16:54 AM

I'm mainly thinking of the ones with cuss words in them. Anyway to "thumbs down" or hide a quote yet keep other quotes in that category? And make it applicable to each account, so that if one person blocks a quote it still shows up for everybody else?
I, too, want the ability to ignore certain quotes
but I want it to be a premium option, and I don't want it to be an automatic thing that just blocks certain words. I want an option that makes it possible for me to block the quotes that annoy me.
I wasn't asking for an automatic filter...
Just a way for me to click the hide option when a particular quote comes up. Or a thumbs down/thumbs up, to make certain quotes or types of quotes come up more often.

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