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Could we get a button to "Find Post in Thread"?

Reported by: Gher

Type: Addition / Suggestion

Status: New

Created: 27/04/2010 10:20:17 PM

Would it be possible to put a link in that takes you to the message in the nested thread? It'd make it a lot easier to navigate posts with lots of replies. Maybe put it on the same line as the "Reply to Message" "Add to Favorites" and "Edit this Message"?
For a work-around, I usually go back to the previous page
which remembers how far down i had scrolled.
Or use "find" in Firefox...
if you want to go by the title.
Find is also easily accessible by pressing /
In Firefox, that is.
I've used both of those.
So I guess it's not a hight priority, but the back button solution doesn't always work for me (it usually does, but the few times it doesn't are irritating), plus if I got to a reply using the site's search function, it doesn't help. The find solution can get annoying when there are a bunch of "Re: [Original Post]" messages, since it'll give you multiple results.

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