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Per the Suggestion, a Rough Draft of RAFO Rules.

Reported by: Joel

Type: Addition / Suggestion

Status: New

Created: 01/06/2010 10:21:06 AM

RAFO Rules

1)Do not be abusive or insulting. It does not aid your arguments, and actually hinders them. If you cannot be courteous, at least be civil. Free and open discussion of virtually any topic, even the most controversial, is among RAFOs greatest strengths. Admins rarely intervene in a regulatory capacity, but that luxury requires members exercise restraint so Admins needn't impose constraints. Agreement is optional. Extending the same respect you expect is not.
2)Do not use or link vulgar, obscene or profane content. Many RAFO members visit at work. Many are minors, and there is no desire to restrict future membership, yet a host of browsers restrict access to sites with objectionable material. RAFO does not need to be such a site.
3)Do not post copyrighted material without the authors permission, or at least attribution. Intellectual property laws have become very robust, and even had they not it would be important to avoid others mistaking a quotation for your own statement. If a statement's author is unknown, either do not use it or at least place it in quotes or otherwise identify it as originating elsewhere. When posting an article link your source.
4)Do post threads on the appropriate message board. Regular visitors to some message boards may have little or no interest in the others, and even when they do posting threads to the proper board makes them easier to find and discussions easier to conduct.
5)Do browse a board before posting a new thread about a popular topic, to avoid having five threads about the latest World Cup results.

As I said, just a rough draft; if I had any ideas for a Help section I'd share them, and I don't expect a rubber stamp here, but it does seem like nearly a year into the sites existence SOMETHING should open up when a new arrival clicks "Help" or "Rules. "
So, in short:
don't be an idiot.
In essence, yes, but, sadly, some need to be explicitly told.
If only so they can't plead ignorance when swift and uncompromising consequences ensue. I'm not married to these either, I just thought a working rough draft is better than empty space, especially for new members who've not yet had time to learn where the boundaries are.

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