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Allow people to merge message boards based on preferences

Reported by: Tom

Type: Addition / Suggestion

Status: New

Created: 02/06/2010 04:51:06 PM

I click on which message boards I want to view from the full list, so, in my case, I might pick CMB, WoT, Sci-Fi and Movie, but not the others. Then, when I click on "My Message Boards" I see all messages in those message boards.

Also, I continue to recommend that the sidebars be organized thematically. The present disorganization is crap, and is a leftover from wotmania's inelegant solutions to perceived problems. The sidebars should be arranged as follows:

- Message Boards
* - (list of all the boards)
- Database
* - Interviews
* - WoT info
* - Book Reviews
- Site Stuff
* - Directory
* - FAQ
* - Ask an Admin
* - Edit Profile
* - View Profile
* - Preferences
I agree
on all counts.
Me three!
I went to the Games MB the other day and was shocked and surprised to see topics there that I was actually interested in! I would much prefer the message boards to be merged...perhaps with a filter at the top if you only wanted to see particular boards so the settings could be easily changed on that page rather than having a profile setting for it. I dunno. Could get messy I guess. Ho hum.

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