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The site loads slowly or not at all and looks weird

Reported by: Camilla

Type: Bug

Status: New

Created: 22/07/2010 10:45:03 AM

It seems to be mainly a problem for firefox (I am on a mac). Whenever I try Safari it works, although it is occasionally strangely slow in Safari as well. This is not registered in the "this site loaded in 0.9 seconds" at the bottom of the page -- it took longer than that.

I have sent you pictures of how it looks once it does load. It looks weird. Times New Roman font, no graphics to speak of, or a strange selection of graphics. This bit had not been a problem at all in Safari. But again, that may be down to luck. Safari has not timed out, either*.

*Correction: when I tried to post this bug, safari timed out.
It stopped acting up now. *NM*

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