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Dating online

Reported by: yuta

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Created: 27/07/2010 07:11:28 AM

With offering absolutely free signups, no single parent should be left alone and lonely. Share the joy of being with you and your child with someone else who completely understands.

Single parenthood is something that many mothers and fathers can find intimidating and oftentimes, very lonely. Not anymore! From now on, single mothers and single fathers can go online, contact and meet up other single parents in their area and just spend some good, quality time with each other. Who knows what it can all lead to? Romance they say is sweeter the second time around and sometimes, fate just needs a little nudging for it to take over and give Canadian single parents another shot at their “happily ever after”.

Single moms can post their latest pictures and write compelling profiles that can attract the man of their dreams very quickly. Single dads can show off their home and maybe a few pictures of their lovely kids just to make the image complete.

Of course, there are also many single men and women who prefer to date singles with children as there’s something uniquely sexy about them that make them almost irresistible.

So visit and join now absolutely free!
I can't believe we haven't implemented this functionality yet!
Ben is sitting a gold mine here! Forget all that other premium functionality you've been working on. Who needs images in messageboard posts when you can get this? Get coding and make this happen!
I'll pass this along to the next camwhore who hits me up on Facebook.
Meanwhile, this should probably be merged with (closed) ticket #116: "Date option in User account" under the subhead "Date User in option account. "

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