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I cannot edit my profile

Reported by: Camilla

Type: Bug

Status: New

Created: 18/06/2011 10:48:56 AM

Something seems to be wrong with my account. I have a premium account ntil wwell into the autumn, but that does not seem to have been piked up somewhere. Or, rather, it seems to have been dropped in some way, because it was working perfectly until a week or so ago.

Whenever I try to edit my profile, it tells me my profile picture (500) is too big and I have too many message board buddies.

I have checked that my premium account has not run out. And it is not limited to firrefox on a mac. I am currently on safari on an iPad, and the problem is still there.
So, the premium plus had run out, but because of quickpolls I still had a normal premium account. I suggest we get some sort of notification when a premium account downgrades.

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