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I'd put a language filter and Local Events list higher on my list of changes. The Guileless Comp Troller Send a noteboard - 16/09/2010 03:04:16 PM
You really need a makeover. This blocky, dull, uninteresting look is just not doing anything for me. I know there's not a lot of traffic here so maybe if we jazz it up we could be more appealing! It's nice and respectful that you followed wotmania's old look but it's time to be your own website. I'm thinking maybe instead of blocks on the side we could do some kind of bubble or leaf motif (you like that rhyme?). And get rid of the pasty white background. If you don't want some sort of art in the background then how about just a color that's not white? I like the green. Maybe we could run with some type of forest/elf design?

So good people of RAFO, I ask you, in a perfect world, what should RAFO look like?

Having been down this road I'll just recap briefly: Language filters are so easily circumvented they don't censor debate at all, but they DO restrict or even prevent access from businesses, schools and, in the case of teens, even home computers; their absence adds nothing to RAFO while denying a vast resource critical to longevity. If nothing else, more people usually means more donations, and I'd much rather have a few more Clovers and Sprites around than be deluged with ads.

Same goes for a regular listing of both what's been going on each board this month AND whatever fantasy, SF and literature related events are taking place around the world. Not only would the former help those of us who can't be here for hours every day, but the latter would help to build community within the site and to it from outside. Seemingly every new Con brings the awareness (or reminder) there are a lot more of us in any given area than we generally consider. Potentially many more if we had any kind of official presence at said Cons. I know for a fact a number of wotmaniacs met for the first time, not at a Gathering, but at DragonCon, beginning strong friendships that still endure after several of them stopped visiting wotmania and RAFO.

In MY perfect world we'd have a page based design instead of true THREADING but, y'know, oh, well. It's worth the price, IMHO.

EDIT: Bah! :<img class=' />
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