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Kanye and...Patrick Swayze? The Doctor Send a noteboard - 16/09/2009 06:59:45 PM
It really should be too soon for this and all, cause I like Patrick Swayze, but Damn, this is too funny!
wotmania SN: A Wind Rises

Visions born of fear give birth to our failing; visions born of hope give birth to our success. What is possible lives within us; and it only remains for us to discover it. Can you give life to the dreams that live within you?"
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Kanye and...Patrick Swayze? - 16/09/2009 06:59:45 PM 377 Views
what is with all of that crap carved in his head? *NM* - 16/09/2009 07:08:17 PM 76 Views
symbols of doucebaggery *NM* - 16/09/2009 08:09:49 PM 104 Views
this was in the link i posted y-day *NM* - 16/09/2009 07:20:23 PM 95 Views

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