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Welcome, welcome, come right in. There's plenty of room for everyone.

Well. Here we are. What a journey it's been, eh? Seven months ago, when wotmania announced that it was closing, I foolishly announced that people shouldn't worry, as I would provide a new and fully more awesome place for people to spend their days. Had I known then what it would entail, well, we might not be here right now ;)

But we are here, seven months later, with about 70,000 words written in 10,000 odd lines of code, and over 400 manhours spent. And it's been awesome.

So. An introduction to the site. As you may have noticed, it's styled very similarly to wotmania, so you should feel right at home. As of right now, there are six messageboards for you to play with:

Make sure you take the time to check them all out. They're all headed up by a team of dedicated admins who are going to spend the time and effort making sure that RAFO is the best it can possibly be. You can find out more about the admins over on the team page. Feel free to drop them a note if you have any questions or queries about RAFO, or the section that they head up.

We also have journals, and there's the ability to send noteboards to other members, just like you're used to (well, with some much needed improvements, obviously).

You may also have noticed that there's a lot of functionality missing that you might not know how you're going to to without. "No messageboard buddies", I hear you cry. "No ignore feature?! What will I do!".

Be assured that RAFO isn't finished now that it's live. I'm going to continue to work at it, and there'll be a ton of new functionality arriving constantly over the coming months. So take a deep breath; you'll survive!

Anyway, I need to go hit the switch that's gonna bring this beast to life. I hope RAFO will become as much your home as wotmania was, if not more.

Have fun!

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