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Re: Damnit! Monkey Send a noteboard - 02/03/2012 06:07:18 PM
*enters your house*

*drinks your beer*

Peace out, peeps.

Yeah, that's right. I keep my beer in the fridge. You wanna make something of it, punk?

Nope, that's where I keep my alcohol.

How's you? :D

I was hoping that would help deter you :[ What kind of a brit are you if you drink your beer cold? A poor excuse for one, I'd say. Next you're going to tell me you don't even mix mayonnaise into it.'s been a doozy of a week. But in general and apart from the emotional rollercoaster, I'm great. Work's going well and I'm getting geared up to start a show, so really looking forward to that :)

How about you? You're never on facebook, but at least you're there more than here :P

I'm really busy these days but life is good. I've kinda drifted away from facebook, I'm mostly on Twitter these days (@rarity_sa if you wanna follow me)

This post has less replies than I hoped. I guess everyone's forgotten about me :[
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