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Instant Update: Artsapat Send a noteboard - 21/09/2012 01:49:49 PM
The local autorities have:
- blocked the street where the poor girl lives (crowd control barriers are standing ready)
- sent police officers to schools in the neighborhood to advise students not to go to the party
- announced a local prohibition to drinking alcohol near the train station
- removed street name signs to prevent them from being taken as a trophy(!).

According to mayor Rob Bats in the Dutch NRC newspaper (my translation:
It's impossible to get a grip on a party like this as local authorities. Local officials must react, they can't act preemptively. We do every thing we can to avoid violence, by communicating daily with the police and the Justice department and towards the media. We want to play a deescalating role. And keeping a sharp eye on social media at the same time. Because if anything is made clear from this, it's that we as local authorities must acknowledge the virtual world. It is very real.

Any party goers that do come to Haren are being diverted to an alternative, as yet unknown location. (Hey, wattaday know: that's actually a pretty good idea!) Several alternative locations have already been proposed by local people, but none got the necesary permits as "safety cannot be guaranteed". If the party does go out of hand, "koopavond" (the one night of the week that normal shops are allowed to stay open after 6pm) will be cancelled.

The birthday girl herself went into hiding and is celebrating her birthday with her family, at an undisclosed location. All we know is that it's not in Haren. So I guess there'll be no party for her after all.

The original invitation has already been deleted from Facebook, but viral is viral. On several other social media outlets, thousands of people are still saying they're going to go to the party, especially after DJ Yellow Claw (no idea who that is, but I gather he's actually rather famous in the club scene) announced he would be doing the music, which gathered an additional 11,000 people saying they would also come. On Twitter there's talk of numerous charter buses being offered to party goers and on the train station of Groningen (the closest big town), taxis were already offering cheap rides to the party on Wednesday night. If you want to follow yourself: the official hashtag is #ProjectXHaren, which refers to the Project X movie, and the Project X parties which followed (e.g. the one in Houston in March where one teen died, several around the US, Germany, France).

And here's the official trailer to the party, which somebody put together...

As expected, foreign media have started to pick up on the story, ranging from Korea to South-Africa.

This might actually get out of hand... I still think it's funny, and I think that most people are just joking, but it's starting to look like a riot in the making, especially seeing how the local police is treating it. We'll know for sure tonight...

[EDIT]: There will be a livestream of the party going live from an unmanned plane..., the chosen alternative location is a piece of farmland (which makes the whole affair a bit sad) and the first party goers are already there. Tsk, it's not even 3pm - sad little sheeple.
The street name signs are also removed to try to stop people from finding the real location, but in this modern day and age, this only works for Apple-fanboys with with iOS6 :P .
The mystery deepens... I think. *MySmiley*
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