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Re: Grand Juries don't determine guilt or innocence. Isaac Send a noteboard - 30/11/2014 10:56:14 AM

View original postThey just determine if there's reason to go to trial.

View original postThere were a lot of conflicting accounts- a trial would have cleared things up.

We don't do trials to 'clear things up', we have investigations for that. Trials are for when things are clear enough to strongly indicate a specific crime or crimes were committed by a specific person. Trials are absolute hell for defendants, and prosecutors are actually not supposed to try cases they aren't confident of guilt in.

View original postAlso, I realize it's kind of your thing, but no one should be acting smug here. There aren't any "winners" in this situation.

Well there are plenty of winners, they just tend to be jackals and vultures by and large.

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