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I am so very drunk right now Clover Send a noteboard - 07/10/2015 07:57:00 AM

that I followed my past and wound up here.
But - of great concern, no pozsts more recent than relatively few months ago.

RAFO/wotmania, lovefor you. Love for drunk posts and chat rooms. (why no chat room"? that's what I was hopin' for.) I kinda grew up here, you know, the way other kids grow up at Dairy Queens or roller rinks.) I had flesh-and-blood friends too, but as a nerd, was rather shy and felt most myself with you lot. Thanks for showing me how wonderful human folk could be. I needed that.

And now 11 year old Clover is 27 year old Angie, drunk off Scotch. Somehow this seems really quite okay.

<3 you all. Hope your lives have led to happy and contented places.

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