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Au revoir Druid Send a noteboard - 08/02/2017 04:52:04 AM

I cannot even remember when I first came to Wotmania. I remember Kory so....2001?

It was so much fun. Met a lot of folks. Even met a number of Wotmaniacs in real living coloured flesh, which for a person in Sydney Australia was somewhat lucky.

Then Mike grew up and Ben girded his loins and took up the burden. My interest in books did not waver but my genre selection did, which meant I no longer checked in daily for inspiration. That is my excuse, although I submit in mitigation for my guilt that I do not have a Twitter or Facebook account. We won't talk about the Instagram account I use to spy on the grandchildren.

Thank you Ben for keeping the flame alive for so long, and thank you everyone for the light you put into our and my days.

Wotmania lives on for twelve of us who banded together to celebrate English Premier League Fantasy Football. I think we are in our twelfth or thirteenth years now:

Alric seVinta

are their Wotmania sigs. They are all grey-haired pensioners now, of course, apart from me and apart from Snoop who will always remain young and pretty, or so he tells us.

Au revoir, it has been nice.

*MySmiley* Druid *MySmiley*

Object of Desire (retired)

The Peoples Front For Nebhead Appreciation

I blame Jake
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