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So, the president's powers over immigration under standing laws are only for Democrats? Cannoli Send a noteboard - 11/02/2017 02:32:14 AM

Why is it that Bill Clinton can ship a kid back to a communist dictatorship against the express wishes of his mother, who died to get him here, knowing that he'd be brainwashed, at the request of a deadbeat dad whose request was almost certainly under duress? Why can Barack Obama obviate a state law on the grounds of his superior power over immigration, dump illegal guns into the illegal immigrant community and flout the concerns of people in the southwest by trying to smuggle in a bunch of teenage delinquents? But Donald Trump can't even slow down the entry of people who HAVE NO RIGHTS under the Constitution, whose very presence in the country is contingent upon our permission, based on their affliation with countries that Obama, not Trump, not John McCain or Lindsey Graham or Sheldon Adelson or the rest of the Israeli lobby, but Barack Hussein Obama, identified as sources of terrorism? If Trump and his nativist, gun-nut supporters were half the monsters the media and the effete of this country affected to believe they are, those four judges would already be gunned down in the street, and the ink still drying on their presidential pardons.

How is it that chattering class is obstinately blind to Muslim connections in every other case, but when an executive order is issued based on pre-determined terrorist criteria, they suddenly can see a correlation between sources of terrorism and Islam? The Fort Hood shooting was passed off as PTSD (from a shooter who has never seen combat), the Times Square bombing was initially claimed to be the work of an anti-Obama American, San Bernardino was supposed to be a case of workplace hostility boiling over, and the Orlando club shooting was presented as homophobia (which is as close as these same people will come to bringing up the violence against homosexuals rampant through the Mohammedan world, and explicitly in line with their official teachings).

They have no trouble drawing connections to less than a dozen abortionist murders and all Christians, or tarring all conventionally religious people with the same brush as the Westboro Baptist Church (and never mind that if any of the mainstream groups agreed with them, the Phelpses would have not needed to form their own), but days after Muslims murder 3,000 Americans, to the cheers of their brethren around the world, including right across the Hudson River, the President of the US calls Islam a "religion of peace." Even if it IS a Muslim ban, by the standards of blame applied to Christians or right-wing activists (like Jared Loughner, the dead census worker in the south, or the guy who flew his plane into a Texas IRS building - all of which were blamed on conservative politicians or extremists, and none of which were true), don't they have it coming by now?

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So, the president's powers over immigration under standing laws are only for Democrats? - 11/02/2017 02:32:14 AM 190 Views
I have nothing to add, but +1, couldn't agree more. *NM* - 12/02/2017 12:41:35 AM 42 Views

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