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Thanks to you! And trzaska! Legolas Send a noteboard - 07/03/2017 07:12:06 PM

View original postChat has also popped up again as something I know a lot of people want, but there's no easy option here. I want something which links in to RAFO's database so that people can only chat under their own names, but short of spending an inordinate amount of effort developing something myself the only option are to use a 3rd party solution, which will invariably add further costs on top of hosting. Still, I'll keep thinking and hopefully I'll be able to come up with something

There are easy (I think...) options like Discord and similar software (does anyone use mIRC anymore? I'm nostalgic about that one ) - not linkable to RAFO's database I'm sure, but is that really so essential? The community, especially the subset of it that would be using chat, is hardly that big - the identity issue could be resolved easily enough by just having people confirm their chat ids by Noteboard or something?

Obviously an imbedded chat of some kind would be much nicer, but is it worth the extra cost and time and effort?

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