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Anyone home? Palatine Send a noteboard - 12/11/2021 10:35:43 PM

Hi, my user name is Palatine (as if you couldn't already see that) and my real name is Kelly. I haven't visited RAFO (or wotmania) in a long time. But since the WoT show is about to premier, I got all nostalgic and decided to drop by to see if RAFO was still active. Last I remember, Ben was going to shut the site down, but it still seems to be here, so I thought I'd just post a message to see who's still around and if anyone remembers me.

I hope that maybe I can reconnect with some old-timer wotmaniacs and perhaps meet some newer ones. So . . . yeah. Cheers!


I play air tambourine. Competitively.
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Anyone home? - 12/11/2021 10:35:43 PM 23 Views

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