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Re: Camilla! Pictures! Danae al'Thor 18/07/2011 02:28:18 AM 863    
Re: Beyond signing the petition? No idea. Danae al'Thor 13/05/2011 09:59:46 PM 218 Yes  
Re: Yeah, that's a crappy situation. Danae al'Thor 13/05/2011 05:29:43 PM 262 Yes  
Re: Danae al'Thor 13/05/2011 04:35:39 PM 332 Yes  
A friend of mine needs help, particularly American help, so she can be reunited with her children. Danae al'Thor 13/05/2011 04:29:57 PM 1329    
Re: You do know you're getting no cookies for this line of discussion. Danae al'Thor 17/04/2011 01:31:24 AM 238 Yes  
Re: Danae al'Thor 15/04/2011 11:35:40 PM 226 Yes  
/Science: From the NYT: Phonetic Clues Hint Language Is Africa-Born Danae al'Thor 15/04/2011 06:24:38 PM 916    
Re: I'm not susceptible! Danae al'Thor 11/04/2011 08:10:53 PM 821    
Re: <supports!> Danae al'Thor 11/04/2011 07:42:49 PM 744    
Re: Ew. Danae al'Thor 22/02/2011 06:03:37 AM 274 Yes  
Re: I'm glad our sis and co. are okay. Danae al'Thor 22/02/2011 04:38:43 AM 659    
Re: Selfish. Or in need of chemical/therapeutic assistance. All three at once! Danae al'Thor 22/02/2011 04:30:57 AM 315 Yes  
Re: He could've done the decent thing & shot himself. With his mistress. Right after he married her. Danae al'Thor 21/02/2011 06:34:29 PM 295 Yes  
Re: Then what're the reports about the navy and air force on about? Danae al'Thor 21/02/2011 06:33:31 PM 691    
Re: Wheeeeee! Congratulations! Danae al'Thor 21/02/2011 05:29:40 PM 597 Yes  
Re: It'll reach you before then. I promise! Danae al'Thor 21/02/2011 05:24:24 PM 286 Yes  
Re: When is Easter? Danae al'Thor 21/02/2011 05:20:06 PM 657    
Re: CNN says "armed forces" are attacking what they claim are "dens of terrorists". Danae al'Thor 21/02/2011 05:17:25 PM 583    
Re: Now I am confused. Who did the shooting? The police? Danae al'Thor 21/02/2011 05:11:36 PM 637