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Kingdom Rush: Frontiers Zeeb Send a noteboard - 03/07/2013 10:30:32 AM

Kingdom Rush:Frontiers!

Only available on iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad at the moment but I'm pretty sure it'll be released at some point on Android, and maybe available to play online for free with premium content like the original is.

I got SO addicted to the original version and was very much looking forward to the second, albeit with a little caution as I liked the first so much I wasn't sure they'd be able to make the second anywhere near as good.

I'm very pleased to say that they've done a pretty darn good job. The top upgrades to all the towers are new and provide lots of different ways of killing beasties so different tactics are needed, and they're good fun. There are plenty of new beasties to kill too which have many ways of being sneaky - from how they enter each level to what they do when on screen - which keeps it interesting. I found the game a little short maybe and the end level wasn't as hard to do well in as I might have liked, but there is also now a veteran mode for each stage which I haven't tried yet so that'll likely pose a challenge.

They've also tweaked the heroes to level up a LOT more slowly and to keep their level of experience between stages which is a huge improvement and made me pay much more attention to the hero. Not sure if they did that as an update for the original though as I haven't played it in a while.

The only thing I don't really like about the game is the gems. They can be used to buy things that can be applied anywhere on a stage to affect gameplay (like mini explosions, freezing beasties) and that have no cooldown so you just buy and use as many as you can with the gems you earn. It feels like cheating to me but is a very easy part of the game to ignore and not have anything affected at least.

There are also plenty of things that can be bought for real money (extra heroes, gems) but the game is complete without having to spend more.

Excellent sequel, highly recommended, and I'm looking forward to what the studio produces in the future.


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