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Random Steam Sale stuff: FarCry3, Guacamelee, Grid2, CS:GO, Super Hexagon Zalis 16/01/2014 05:39:52 PM 344 Yes  
This will sound hipster-ish, but I was only really into Minecraft back in late 2010. Zalis 12/10/2013 08:56:28 PM 598    
Depends. Do you already have an easy way to stream Netflix to your tv? If so, maybe a waste. Zalis 30/09/2013 05:54:47 PM 596    
To be honest, I might not have the patience to replay it. Zalis 16/09/2013 06:04:36 PM 670    
Played Earthbound on the SNES and still have the Nintendo Strategy Guide somewhere. Zalis 10/09/2013 03:31:33 PM 662    
Finally a smart move on the part of EA. Zalis 16/08/2013 04:30:17 PM 586    
I soft-modded my wii a few years ago. Should be pretty safe. Zalis 06/08/2013 05:04:21 PM 330 Yes  
Yeah. 98 is way too high for GTA IV. Maybe 92? Zalis 22/07/2013 05:57:17 PM 382 Yes  
My Final Haul: Don't Starve, Dragonborn, 2 Dredmor DLCs, SotS: The Pit and FC3: Blood Dragon. Zalis 22/07/2013 03:24:22 PM 734    
Day 6: What I've bought so far Zalis 16/07/2013 09:23:47 PM 547    
Re: Steam sale - So far, I'm eyeing Don't Starve. Has anyone played it? Looks like quirky fun. Zalis 12/07/2013 04:08:48 AM 328 Yes  
Thanks for the write-up! I'll get around to this eventually. Zalis 01/04/2013 04:26:43 PM 643    
Origin made me shy away from getting ME3, but I appreciate the thorough write-up on the MP. Zalis 26/03/2013 06:47:49 PM 361 Yes  
That's kind of the point, I think. Zalis 19/03/2013 02:29:43 PM 511    
Praz summed it up pretty well. Zalis 18/03/2013 02:07:13 PM 556    
If anyone wants or needs DotA 2 invites, let me know. Zalis 15/03/2013 02:58:24 PM 700    
I was excited for this ... in 2010. Blizzard kind of lost me and DotA 2 is free & fun. Zalis 15/03/2013 02:56:25 PM 338 Yes  
"Hate the Civ, love the Civver?" Zalis 18/10/2012 06:59:55 PM 298 Yes  
Thanks for posting your impressions! I plan to buy it eventually. Maybe during the winterSteam sale. Zalis 17/10/2012 04:18:50 PM 334 Yes  
PC Users - You can get the Season Pass for $22.50 (instead of $29.99) Zalis 02/10/2012 03:58:02 PM 652