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Journal: Entry for Fantasy

My 2nd entry

Author: Fantasy Send a noteboard

Posted: 26/09/2009 08:29:24 PM

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In the last episode of my journal, I was still just starting to use the messageboards. Now, I have used them to great extent!

Using these new found "things" I have discovered many useful things like what a mmorpg is, and started several threads!

I am making my way out of obscurity! :)
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If you continue like this you're gonna conquer the messageboards in no time!
No, seriously it's great that RAFO has this kind of effect on people. There's such good atmosphere here on RAFO, people are fiendly, the colors are nice, the air is cool. All in all a great place. :approve:
Yes, I'm preparing for wrold domination!
Using smiley's!!! :sarcasm:

Thanks, again! I do agree, the air here is ever s refreshing!
I've seen your post on more than the WoT board.
I'm glad you've become a contributing member. :)
Heh, heh.
I started a thread on the t.v./movies board and it had fifty's pretty sweet.
I'm glad I'm a contributing member, too. If you don't use the messageboards here, then there's not much you can do.
Thank you, too! :)