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I finally pre-ordered tGS

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Posted: 14/10/2009 01:14:22 AM

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It's taken me forever to get around to doing it, but I did!

I'm so excited for the new book, and I hope Brandon Sanderson does WoT justice. I'm sure he will, judging by what everyone else here who has read the prologue and all that other stuff Tor released. :biggrin: I have faith in him. :thumbsup:

I'm also glad that they've decided not to do a three part aMoL. It makes the series seem together more if they just add on three more books. Besides that, I'm happy that the last book will still be called aMoL. :)

On a different, completely unrelated subject, I've decided I completely overuse these smileys. :biggrin:
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Gah! I have to preorder or I risk being without TGS on the 27th
But I have this thing in me that demands I pick a copy off the shelf, one I choose for myself, the best copy of what is available.
Oh, I'm not the only one?!
I thought I'd be the only WoT fan without a pre-ordered copy as of months ago!:biggrin:

That is a pretty big risk. What if the bookstore is out of copies? What will you do?!
I will.. I will.. not preorder
I want the rush of standing there in front of the shelf, just gawking at the copies of the book. And then carefully choose which copy to buy, clean cover, no fingerprints, no scratches, no bad binding, nothing bad at all. I'm crazy and proud of being so meticulous in my search for quality :biggrin:
I can see the thrill
But seeing as it will be only be the second WoT book I own, I'm not fussing so much as you: :biggrin:

It is important, though, for a book as inticipated as tGS to meet all the requirements you listed, though.

Do you have a strategical plan or something for buying it?! :)
My strategy...
I will wake up, put on clothes and then run....or take the bus... to the bookstore and buy it. Hopefully they will have it. I have asked, but they refuse to say wether they gonna have it or not. (They've always had it when a new WoT novel is out) Otherwise I'll have to wait a day or so, it's no hurry.
They refuse to tell you?
Well, I hope you get it in time!
I have it pre-ordered because I have to wait for the 28th to pick it up.
I live an hour and a half away from my bookstore. There are none where I live.
I hate living far away from a bookstore...
I don't live as far away as you, but still far enough too be reasonably annoying. :biggrin:
Re: I finally pre-ordered tGS
Haha, I too preordered. And I asked the store today, and they they they thay said I will have it on the release day, and I'm super-psyched!

Yay! Pre-ording is so much fun!
*bounces in chair* I'm so excited for tGS!
Only a couple more days! :)

LoL :flamingsword: