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m'k for the alcoholics

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Posted: 07/07/2012 12:02:38 AM

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or just like a fast burn type of drinker, such as myself. I have to say...go find some moonlight moonshine. it's a cranberry favored moonshine. I love me some petron silver. BUT the moonlight moonshine is like alcohol heaven. It isn't too sweet. got a bit of tang to it, cuz you definitely feel it in your toes that first shot. and i haven't had any in about 2 months. so tonight slammed my little white ass. plus, i got 2 free shots on account of my birthday, gotta love a small town bar. And who the fuck came up with idea of fruit loop flavored vodka? may i just say yew, gross. If you want vodka, grow a nut and drink it.

4 shots of moonshine in an hour not so good. XX(
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