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Journal: Entry for LadyLorraine

I may have just done a stupid thing...

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Posted: 12/10/2011 04:15:04 AM

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A woman had posted on craigslist that she was pregnant and thus needed to find a home for her cat.

Since the most common reason for this is the misconception of danger from toxoplasmosis, and it's wrong, and a local doctor continues to perpetuate this myth, I gave her my information I learned from our parasitologist and the respective CDC website.

I'm hoping she just sees me as someone trying to help her family not get rid of a loved pet. I'm hoping she does NOT decide to make a huge issue of it and get all butthurt and up in my college's face and/or get all legal at us...

That would be bad. I stand by the ethics of my decision, and, far as I know, did not cross any legal boundaries...but eeeee. From a "security of profession" stand point, I'm kind of regretting emailing her.
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