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communication fail.

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Posted: 16/01/2012 08:55:18 AM

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I like my boss; I truly do. I just wish he would TELL US when the shift he wanted taken is filled so that I don't show up to work and someone else is already there.

Granted, he didn't confirm the email I sent to him...but what was I supposed to do? Run the risk that NO ONE would show up?


EDIT: *cries* omigod and I just realized I accidently threw away the nice point-and-shoot Nikon my papa got me when my old one broke because I thought it was the old one and that bag was taken to the dumpster and the dumpster has been picked up and I'm a terrible terrible daughter and an awful tool omigodomigodomigod I'm such an idiot >_
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I am sorry about your nikon :(
Re: communication fail.
Dude, the camera thing sounds like my life. Sorry. It doesn't really get better, you just start to tolerate your own spaciness :P
Well, look on the bright side
At least it wasn't a baby.

(I know, I'm a horrible person)
I think you mean...
too bad it wasn't a baby.