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The Future:

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Posted: 18/03/2010 09:01:53 AM

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Lets be serious - you are not going to be a poet or an astronaut. How could you? That's not the way the world works, things are defined and come in fixed quantities, the moon doesn't want you, literature balks.

Come on. Man up. Get a job, work hard, you can be an accountant or a secretary or an electrician. We are a practical people and we don't read books: you can't measure yourself against us like that, we are not going to be fooled so easily.

You are pretty and restless and useless and we will have to drag you back. Maybe you can teach our children, or make our shoes, or become a bright red housewife. We don't care what happens after - but you can't run loose. It damages the morale. It makes us look bad. People will start yearning for the road and the sky and the wind in their hair and then everything will go up in flames.
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So this one time
I went to a Neil Gaiman book reading/signing thing. He reads some stuff and then does a Q&A and it turns out it's his birthday so we all sing him happy birthday and there's cake (true story!), and then we all go to get books signed. I take my old and my new copy of American Gods to get signed and all he writes in them is 'Dream' in one, and 'Believe' in the other. And right then and right now that's the best advice anyone's ever given me. And y'know, fuck 'em all, dream big.

I mean really though, it's not like I need to tell you this.

Just keep doing what you're doing.

Neil Gaiman. <3
He and Amanda Palmer are getting married.
Oh man, really?
God, those two. Man. I envy them both!
I know.
I know.