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Journal: Entry for Dragonsworn

Today I remember Robert Jordan

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Posted: 16/09/2009 06:23:29 PM

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Today it's two years since our beloved author passed away.
I remember when I read the news on Wotmania and felt destroyed. It was unfathomable to me it would ever happen, especially since Jordan was so enthusiastic about beating his disease and posting on his blog he was alive and well only two weeks before.

Early this year when I got hold of the Wheel of Time 2009 calendar and read the message Jordan had written to his fans and everyone else who bought it, I finally understood that Jordan understood several months before his passing that he probably wasn't gonna make it. I almost broke into tears when reading it.

I very happy that Jordan's legacy continues through Sanderson, but I cannot escape the feeling it will never be the same again and that depresses me even to this day.

Jordan has given me the greatest reading experience of my life and I doubt anything like it will come my way again in this life.

Today I give my salute to Robert Jordan.
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Re: Today I remember Robert Jordan

Today I give my salute to Robert Jordan.

Here's to you, Mr Jordan, I raise my glass in thanks.

Re: Today I remember Robert Jordan
I feel your pain. I didn't read the books until after he died, but it still makes me feel depressed.
I give my salute as well.