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Posted: 16/05/2012 06:48:24 AM

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I'm still going through the process for weight loss surgery. I have another appointment on Friday. That one is for the consult with a surgeon. My biggest road block at the moment is the sleep study. The local one can't even see me until next month and the one in Portland didn't even bother to call me back. I need to try them again tomorrow. On my own I have lost around 62 lbs. My daughter recently joined a local gym and says that I have inspired her. :) I think it's kind of nice that some people find me inspiring.

I updated my profiles and went back to the dating sites. Evidently an old crazy from another site found me. "oh bother". The good news is the block user button is my friend. It's odd to me that some people don't get it when you give them the brush off and you are forced to block them. I figure if one guy doesn't want to talk to me then some other guy will. So far that's been the case. I have yet to run out of men. I'll let you know if it ever happens.

Work at the moment is super stressful. So much going on and I am under a lot of pressure in the new position. I think it's because 90% of what I do at the moment is stuff I was just trained in and there is a lot I have to learn yet before I master it.

The great news is Friday is my daughter's birthday and I have taken the day off. :)
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I am proud and...Happy(?) for you.

I think you are an absolutely fabu person. Such a wonderful caring, and yes inspiring woman. Of course, i may be slightly biased. :P