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Journal: Entry for Stephen

Quest for world domination going nicely.

Author: Stephen Send a noteboard

Posted: 16/04/2012 07:57:18 PM

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Just got myself a nice CV padder today, president of one of the uni's nerd socs.
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Re: Harkaway quote.
Don't pumpkins grow on the ground?
I think so.
That book was weird.
I can only assume that's why it's the tree of nonsense. *NM*
Undoubtably Nate. *NM*
Well, Nate, that makes . . . sense.
I should be a better reader. :(
you bought.... nerd socks? *NM*
I'm gonna president of my university's sci-fi and fantasy society next year. Totally unrelated to tubular footwear.
Unless you hold sock puppet re-enactments of sci-fi and fantasy stories.
And come on, that would be awesome.
It would be awesome.
Interesting idea.