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Keto update 1

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Posted: 09/03/2017 11:59:38 PM

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I changed my diet to a full on Keto diet on Monday March 6,2017. Today is my fourth day and first thing this morning I decided to try a weigh in, down 5 lbs. That isn't the best news though. My energy levels are up. My anxiety and depression are decreasing. And my productivity has jumped. I am having a few symptoms of the keto flu as my body adjusts to being a fat burning machine, but drinking electrolyte water has helped that a lot. I can feel my metabolism shifting up in gears. And I am feeling rather awesome. I've been getting creative with meals. Trying to make sure I'm using the best for me ingredients. I made Broccoli bacon cheesy chicken, Parm almond steak bites, coconut beef stirfry, and tonight I'm making cheesy spinach tomato beef. I eat a whole avocado almost everyday. And my favorite black olives are usually my night time snack. I still need to shop for a few keto friedly ingredients like nuts, and some seeds. I like to use sunflower kernels as a snack some times. I have had cravings. A sugar addiction doesn't go away overnight. It will fight back. I found a soda I can grab in emergency. Zevia. It is sweetened with Stevia and I'm going to use it for mixed adult beverages. Lots of water. I know this has to be a life long diet or all the weight will return. I am ready to say so long to bad food and habits. Soon I will add the gym to this diet.
Keto on!

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