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Way Of Eating Update 2

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Posted: 17/03/2017 05:27:23 PM

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I am slowly learning the lingo for the Keto way. IT is not a diet. It is a WOE, way of eating. That being said. I'm on day 12 of my diet. -8lbs. Feeling really good. MOre energy all day. NO spiking and crashing the last four or five days. I'm adjusting my percentages and tweaking what works for me. I was craving sweets a lot, the sugar addiction is crazy tough, so I made up some cream cheese fluffs. I molded them into avengers ice tray and I eat one a day to help with sweets craving. A lot of people ask my why I'm doing this, I will just gain the weight back, that it isn't worth time and energy. Well, I don't plan on eating the way I did ever again. When I get to my target goal I will just go to maintenance mode. I doubt my inflammation will just be gone if I start eating sugar again even at 110 lbs. Or that my thyroid will magically heal and give me all my energy back. This diet has been around for decades and works for so many ailments. I suppose I'm becoming a convert. I know I had to be ready for change or it would do me no good. Maybe I would have chosen another path if it had come my way. I am ready to make these life long changes and healthy choices. I will be adding swimming and weight training very soon. Keto On! -8 lbs

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