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Journal: Entry for Panorphaeon


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Posted: 16/05/2011 03:32:44 AM

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living is as simple as Coltrane coming on shuffle as you bike home in an ideal 60 degrees Fahrenheit, late dusk -- the moon has come up and is full or damn near it, hanging huge and yellow-white in the sky that is still dark blue, not quite deprived of its evening light. The long, deliberate notes, the brushed snare, glimpses of the moon through new tree-cover, the cool breeze. Mmmm.....

But then, there is the rest of the time. I hope eternity is something like that moment. I feel stupid even trying to write it down, now, it sounds so petty. But I am taking any and all small moments of peace that I can get, hopefully to extend and inflate them.
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