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Kukey-J saved my life! Look...

So there I was strolling down the streets and alleyways of the sweet city that is London. I was going around sightseeing with my good friend Cory (yes, the one with two heads) who was doing some hardcore world travelling.

We went into a pub for some lunch and, like, from nowhere the guy behind the bar just went mental and started swearing at us and stuff. Started on about "Jonny foreigners" and then he threw a glass at us. I mean dude, what was that for?

Anyway, at this point Cory got primo mad and flipped out on the guy using techniques he had learned in his travels in Tibet. He did some totally sweet and/or hardcore moves and left the guy seriously decapitated and with his still beating heart in a jar on the bar.

With that we turned and walked out, no one wanted human remains with their dinner after all. Suddenly, just as we stepped outside we were ambushed by these killer ninja monkeys and their pirate leader. You could tell he was a pirate by the blue beard, the hat and the parrot on his shoulder. That and the big cutlass he was holding.

Well Cory was seriously p*ssed at this point and once again started to flip out whilst I tried to avoid getting wailed on by the killer ninja monkeys. Cory took out a few of them but we were outnumbered and soon we were back to back in a ring of primates.

It was looking bad, we were surely gonna die.

Then a crazy looking kat dressed like a jive turkey swung around the corner and barrelled into the monkeys. It was Kuke! He cut a dashing pose and spoke, "what up boon-dawgs?" is what he said. The monkeys went flying as he totally flipped out on them and then Cory flipped out as well and, caught in the moment, I flipped out too! We majorly kicked them around for awhile before the pirate guy went for Kuke. Kuke just turned around and ate him! Just like that, down in one go. It was killer sweet to see.

The ninja monkeys ran and the day was saved but it wasn't over yet. Suddenly from out of an alleyway stepped MGB, silent and graceful. He walked up to Kuke and they bowed. Then Kuke burped and they turned and walked off together, Kuke following slightly behind his Ninja Master.

And that's the totally true story about how Kuke (under the training of MGB) saved my life!