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Real name: Jenny
Gender: Female
Age: 44
Country: United States

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Date joined: Aug. 30, 2009
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My husband and I have 3 boys. The oldest is 11 , the second is 8. The youngest is 6 :) I'm a soccer mom and baseball mom. This means I am running around like crazy in spring and fall. :P

We have a dog, 6 cats, and something like 50 chickens (I lost count).

I have a bachelor's degree in Spanish (Linguistics) and a minor in Linguistics. I speak Spanish fluently and am pretty proficient in French as well...

I work at our local school's "after school program" as an academic coach (basically a teacher). I also am a home visitor for the school's migrant program. I help families that have to move frequently because of agriculture jobs.

I am also a baker...I make custom cakes and other goodies as well.

I like to do crafty stuff like knit and crochet, etc. I've written a book (fantasy) and am still editing. Will someday send it in and see if they'll publish it. If you want to read what I have uploaded so far, I am on under the screen name of LaSombra.

like most people here, I love to read. I like to explore different genres.

favorite community-oriented websites are: facebook, and I use the same screen name everywhere.