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Catalogue of Games

Temporary Note: Seemed it would be a good idea to have a post that simply and visibly listed the game to play, since we seem to have more than 1-3 previously common, figured if I opened it then both FT and I can edit it to make it stay up to date, speaking of which, FT, can you flag this as an announcement please? I’ll be filling in the blanks, mods can reply or NB to correct or add to descriptions. At some point I’ll add in previous games now concluded or on life support, this isn’t meant as a substitute for recruiting threads, just an inventory of what’s up there, and I’ll add to it as time permits
Table of Contents
I. Introduction
II. Active Games
III. Previous games
IV. Guidelines and Resources for Starting a New Game

Welcome to the RPG Board, if you are interested in joining a game, this post will help you identify which games are open, and which are running. Some games can pretty much be joined at any point, others have open recruitment only before a game begins, and some may have openings from time to time if a player had to resign. Additionally, after the list of active games is a list of previous games played, to give you an idea what is played. As circumstance permits this list will include a brief description of the game, and who is playing. The person running the game will be identified as its Moderator

Games in green are actively recruiting and have not yet begun.
Games in yellow are in progress but new players are welcome.
Games in red are in progress and are not seeking new players at this time
Games in blue are pending and checking interest and have not yet begun.

Active Games
RAFO Mafia 18 - Moderator: Fanatic-Templar
FT, since you can edit this yourself, just switch it to green and fill in a description, put a link to reg/game page or whatever when you want when that gets under way

The Breaking - Moderator: Yunalesca
A Wheel of Time RPG game set during the Breaking
Players: 16 - Darth_Katie, Fanatic-Templar, Isaac, Kylia Skydancer, Napoleon62, QuestionMark Yunalesca

Shadows of Amador - Moderator: Fanatic-Templar
A Wheel of Time RPG set during the series, the players are all Darkfriends
Players: 4 - Darth_Katie, Isaac, Kronin al'Sulc, Napoleon62

RAFO Mafia 17 - Moderator: Ranagrande
A crossover-themed Mafia game, set in modern times but featuring characters from many series
Players: 16 - Amys, Artsapat, beetnemesis, BlackAdder, Blaine, Darth_Katie, Fanatic-Templar, Fox and Ravens, Hobo, Isaac, Kronin al'Sulc, Kylia Skydancer, Napoleon62, Talic, White Flame of Tar Valon, Yunalesca

RP Mafia 1 - Moderator: Kylia Skydancer
A role-playing styled mafia game set in the Wheel of Time series
Players: 8 - Artsapat, Blaine, Fanatic-Templar, Isaac, Kronin al'Sulc, Talic, Scott Blademaster, Yunalesca

Previous Games
As time permits this section will include completed or dead games, with descriptions and player list. For now just a quick reprint of the Mafia Chronolgy:

Darkfriend RAFO Mafia
Game 01: Cor Amon - First game, started mid-August 2008, DF Victory, had a Day-Cop (Gher) and 2 DFs (Isaac and Marshall)
Players: 6 - Gher, Hobo, Isaac, Kronin, Marshall, Thom Merrilin

Game 02: Cor Amon - Town Victory, a cop and doc duo (FT and Kronin) as AS and Warder, 2 DFs (Marshall and Gher)
Players: 8 - CarnCarn, Fanatic Templar, Gher, Hobo, Isaac, Kronin, Marshall, Mhael Steve

Game 03: Cor Amon - First and only stalemate game, Kronin and Darth Katie plus one other were DFs, Steve was a vig.
Players: 12 - Burn, CarnCarn, Darth Katie, Fanatic Templar, Fox and Ravens, Gher, Hobo, Isaac, Kronin, Marshall, Mhael Steve, and one another

Game 04: Marshall - Featured 3 DFs, Cor, FT, and Isaac, DF Victory , DFs had a member, Isaac, masoned to the cop, Steve. First game to feature any clues or plot, took place in WoT in Emond's Field Inn
Players: ? - CarnCarn?, Cor Amon, Darth Katie, Fanatic Templar, Fox and Ravens, Gher, Hobo?, Isaac, Kronin, Mhael Steve, and one another

Game 05: Fanatic-Templar - Town Victory, game featured first Whitecloak, took place in a camp in WoT after the Blood Snow
Players: ? New player, White Flame of Tar Valon, joins in

Game 06: Kronin al'Sulc - Ended on Night 1, three inactive modkills on first day, DF Victory, not counted by many, first game for player Yunalesca
Players: 15

Game 07: Kronin al'Sulc - Essentially game 6 v2.0, Town Victory, game ended when last surviving DF (Isaac) and SK (Darth KAtie) killed each other, leaving to townies to win
Players: ?

Game 08: Isaac - DF Victory, featured new players NApoleon62, Hieshyn, and Fistofpainx
Players: 13

Game 09: Fanatic-Templar - Last WoTmania game, set in Cairhienen succession, DF victory and why my singature tag says 'King of Cairhien', Isaac unanimously elected by all 8 surviving players as monarch, only 3 were DFs.
Players: 15

Games after this are on the new site, so posting on them doesn't have much of a time constraint due to memory loss, and hence are a lower priority

Game 10: Yunalesca - First RAFO Mafia game
Game 11: Napoleon
Game 12: Darth Katie
Game 13: Hieshyn
Game 14: Kronin al'Sulc
Game 15: Gher
Game 16: Isaac
Game 17: Ranagrande
Game 18: To Be Determined

Guidelines and Resources for Starting a New Game
This section still under work, suggestions welcome

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