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Farewell all! Fanatic-Templar Send a noteboard - 27/02/2014 05:21:33 AM

Given this most recent and enduring bout of inactivity, I think most of you have already left, but in case you haven't, I think it would probably be wisest to follow Isaac's suggestion to continue the Mafia games on some other venue. Participation has been steadily declining for some time now, and for myself, I've been disappointed by my inability to get any actual roleplaying games running.

Anyway, it's been a lot of fun gaming with the lot of you, and I wish you many more fun games in the future.

gg, wp!

The first rule of being a ninja is "do no harm". Unless you intend to do harm, then do lots of harm.
~Master Splinter

Victorious in Bergioyn's legendary 'Reverse Mafia'. *MySmiley*
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