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I've been enjoying it.. but @my Send a noteboard - 12/08/2010 09:05:17 PM
Hey folks,
Anyone else watching this new summer show on syfy? The main character is awkward and likable. Everyone seems to have mysterious secrets. The two main male leads are both very interesting, and cute! I think the two older gentlemen are my favorite. I have enjoyed it a lot more than Eureka this summer. Eureka seems to be using the same time warp reset button a lot. Anyway, I finally saw last Friday's episode. The one with the young men dying of old age. Great episode. I hope we see more pronounced Stephen King twists. I have a new found love of thriller, perhaps it isn't new found, but newly admitted. babble babble babble ;) Watch Haven! :D

Too many VERY weird things are happening in this one teeny, tiny town. And the coincidence factor on the show is also very, very high.

Though, I will say the two main male leads, I'm very interested in finding out what happened ;) cuz this isn't just a case of "you are a bad guy and I'm a cop" it's more..

And the two old dudes, for some reason remind me of the two old Muppets in the balcony. I don't know why, they don't ACT like that, but every time I see them, I see the Muppet dudes.

Overall, I'm very much enjoying it.

My favorite line from this last episode - "You are not going to die right now. If you die, I'll be the one to kill you" (paraphrased) and I found it interesting that the "old" guy laughed a little when he said it.

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Btw I miss you too ~ K.B. 1971-2006
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