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Hmmm... I could swear... fionwe1987 Send a noteboard - 17/05/2011 05:36:48 AM
That there's a scene in GoT where Cat is on a boat, and we get a full description of Riverrun. This happens before she meets Hoster, etc.

True, that is a scene that can easily be given a miss. What's the point of showing her entry to the castle?

And you're right about the book to screen stuff, of course.

You can always introduce him then. And given the sort of realism Martin appears to be going for, dramatic rescues which are such staples of other fantasy are highly unlikely. In another series, Tyrion's agents would have rescued Jaime from Riverrun easily, Arya & Yoren would have swept Ned from the block, Arya & the Hound would have brought a timely warning of the Freys' & Bolton's treachery, and so on. But I think anything further Brynden could accomplish could be transferred to one of Lady Stoneheart's band, who would have similar motivations.

Rescuing Edmure is just one option. Another possibility is that maybe Robb named Jon his heir, and the Blackfish knew of this, and has gone North to his "King". Or maybe he's hunting for Arya or Sansa, having given up Edmure as a lost cause. Or he may have joined the Band. The last would be the only case where glossing over him in the earlier books would work. In all others, his previous actions in the series would be good for the viewer to know.
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