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I agree *spoiler* StarEnight Send a noteboard - 19/05/2011 06:06:43 AM
I streamed it today but it was good. I actually cried when Mr Nigel Murray died.
"There simply is nothing to which we can attach ourselves, no matter how hard we try. In time, things will change and the conditions that produced our current desires will be gone. Why then cling to them now?"

Master Hsing Yun, "The Indescribable"
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Pretty good Bones episode last night - 13/05/2011 03:28:27 PM 829 Views
I agree, spoilers... - 13/05/2011 07:49:31 PM 687 Views
Really good - 19/05/2011 12:40:08 AM 490 Views
Re: Really good - 19/05/2011 06:07:49 AM 689 Views
I agree *spoiler* - 19/05/2011 06:06:43 AM 663 Views

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