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We only know what the Doctor said. Nate Send a noteboard - 01/10/2011 06:06:09 PM
Within the show it seems as though they must have taken Amy after The Impossible Astronaut and before Day of the Moon, in the three months when they were searching out the silent aliens. We know for certain that she was a duplicate when she and Canton went to the orphanage, because she saw Kovarian through the mystery window while there. And we know that she was a duplicate when the Doctor injected those recorders in their hand on the TARDIS near the start of the episode, because the recorder was left behind when the duplicate was goo'd in the orphanage.

But I believe at some point the Doctor says that he believes they took her before she and Rory went to America. Which means they would have taken her sometime in the two months between Christmas Carol and the start of Impossible Astronaut. They just had to wait until she was pregnant and then they could take her.
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