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Re: I guess my second viewing never cleared up that point for me ... soilent brad Send a noteboard - 05/10/2011 09:27:06 AM
I thought about that, and we see earlier that the Tesselecta forms its own clothes. But it would have been entirely possible for the Tessedoctor to form in a naked state and then have it put the Doctor's physical clothes on, just to help with the trick. In that case it would have stripped naked again to change into his suit with Amy.

Oh, I agree with you there, but by the quick-pan action they show in the actual scene, Amy is never turned around, she is in a chair facing forward at her desk, and never does she turn-in from facing her head away - again, just seemed like either she watched the Tessedoctor (excellent combo word, Nate) get dressed or it was a terribly planned out shoot of that particular scene imo.

See Katie's comment. Just a bit of a call-back to the beginning of the previous season.

Yeah. He puts a lot of things in play to keep people guessing, so that there are lots of things to think about and work with but no chance to really outguess him.

The only other lingering question in my mind is the person to the right of the shed/car at the Lake side ... was that put there by Moffat on purpose as a ganger misdirection or did someone just sneak into the shot and got away with it past editing? I guess it's merely a question of how far would Moffat go for his misdirections, and even if he didn't plan it, he surely would take credit for it ;) ... who knows, he may even revisit that scene again sometime.

Watch the first episode again. That's the ex-FBI agent from 1969 whose name I can't remember. Grown old, and bringing the gasoline. I think his envelope was numbered 4.

Gotta love a writers work,


Till Dr. Who returns ... sigh.
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