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Seriously? Nate hasn't posted a theory about Clara? soilent brad Send a noteboard - 07/04/2013 01:51:15 AM

In fact, I see there haven't been any Doctor Who posts. Blasphemy! Though, I guess I can forgive Nate - he is writing a book, after all. Needless to say, spoilers follow.

So, the girl who died, then came back again ... then died again ... then came back again, again ... then died two more times.

Well, I thought for a second that she might be Jenny (seriously, I want that character back!), and then I read this: <a href="">the "craziest Clara theory of all"</a>. They mention a couple other possibilities (Romana, Susan), but their main theory suggests that she's the Twelfth Doctor. This had me thinking all week leading up to The Rings of Akhaten.

And, of course, the beginning of the episode shows us that she is none of the above.

So why bother posting this at all (other than getting some Doctor Who content back onto the board)? Well, in the alien bazaar scene, the Doctor specifically mentions his granddaughter, though not by name. Both Rose and Amy had asked if he had any kids, and he always dodged the question, so why did he mention it to this brand new companion?

Perhaps the first Clara/Oswin whose face he sees (from The Snowmen) reminds him of someone, not just new Clara reminding him of the former. So I went back to Susan, and started thinking that maybe Clara's mother is Susan regenerated under an assumed name (Ellie Ravenwood), or Susan's daughter. I haven't seen the old episodes, so I don't know if she went all human when she left the Doctor.

Anyway, just my pet theory. Anybody else have one?

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